A Movement to Save the Tates

Despite his sheer indefatigability and perspicacity, the biggest G of all time has been brought to his knees by a higher power.

Fear no more, soldier. Now, you can help him.

6969 mini Tates will be unleashed to the Ethereum blockchain and as part of this process, 50% of ALL MINT REVENUE (can be verified via the blockchain) will be forwarded to the Top G to mitigate the burden of Andrew’s & Tristan’s legal fees as he’s fighting the good fight of faith: to pursue God’s will against his conspirators.

He’s ready to break free and demanding your help. Are you going to surrender or go against the grain and be infinitely rewarded once he finally decimates his abductors?

  • To be minted

  • Price


  • KFC-Eating Brokie

    Andrew’s life definitely wasn’t short of struggling and despair. They used to eat the leftover chicken they’d find in their local KFC next to their gym just to get some protein, as their single mother was trying to make ends meet in the slums of London.

  • Escaping the Matrix

    After many many failed attempts to make it, the top G finally cracked the code to wealth creation. After randomly coming across and ad online, he’d organized one of the first and most successful live cam agencies ever, so the money started rolling in.

  • Becoming the Top G

    Becoming the most Googled man on the planet and having the most successful online education subscription ever doesn’t just grow on trees. The Top G needed to transform his mind and put in immense effort into achieving the ultimate status in the highest echelons of men.

  • Matrix Attacks

    "First you get cancelled, then they make up a reason to put you in jail and if that fails, they kill you.”

    Andrew’s famous prediction is playing out by the book. He’s down to his last life in the game of life as he was wrongfully accused and thrown in jail. He needs his loyal soldiers and protectors outside, in the real world now, more than ever.

Escape the matrix

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